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Membership Requirements to Prospect for The Triple Tree 777 Crew

1.You must be a born again, Bible-believing Christian in a right relationship with God.

2.You should be a member or regular attendee in good standing of a traditional Bible-believing and teaching Christian church. Controversial/New Age churches and cults do not qualify. A reference from your current pastor or ministry leader is required. (See last page.)

3.You must have a  burden to LIVE the Gospel with people. A desire and willingness to show the love and grace of God to those around you is essential.

4.You must be a man or woman of integrity, morally and ethically upright according to Scripture. You must be honest, forthright, and striving to be Christ-like in all relationships, both personal and public.

5.You must maintain a 600cc or larger motorcycle in great running condition. Any brand or style of motorcycle is accepted. Your motorcycle must have a current inspection sticker and registration. You must be licensed to operate a motorcycle or have a current licensing permit.Arrive for rides promptly with a full tank of gas.

6.You must be able to testify with a clear conscience to God and Triple Tree Ministries that you will not engage in drunkenness, use illegal drugs, participate in illegal or immoral practices(including swearing), sow discord or slander as a member of this ministry. You must not let anyone other than yourself wear your colors (Vest with patch and/or shirts with our logo) or do anything to discredit or disrespect the Gospel of Christ, Triple Tree Ministries or your Brothers and Sisters in Christ. This is between you and God, so be faithful to Him and His Word. You must be free from any active addiction to alcohol and drugs for a minimum of one year.

7.You must not be involved in an out-of-wedlock, live-in relationship with a member of the opposite sex or engaged in any type of sexual relationship outside of the boundaries of marriage.

8.You are required to attend a minimum of 1 monthly business meeting per quarter and a minimum of 3 events from the March – October riding season.

9.Colors(a) are to be worn at all ministry functions and events attended as a ministry team. Remember: we are a ministry, not a motorcycle club, and represent Jesus Christ. Colors are not to be taken off and hung on bikes or chairs at any time and should be worn at all times during ministry. (Soft colors may be substituted in certain situations.) 

10. There are Yearly 777 Crew membership dues.